domingo, 29 de marzo de 2015

A Month?

Oh dear, a whole month?  Between being ill, the end of school, kids out for Summer Break and Swim Team not much getting done at my house.

I have taken some time to teach my kids the basics of sewing.  My son (7) has taken to learning much better than my daughter (9) which does surprise me.  He is usually the ball of energy with little patience.  But he sat down, let me explain the machine, and why we sew with right sides together.  He has made 3 basic pillows with very nicely done seams, very straight.  My daughter is the design oriented child, she wants to invent and create - not sit there and learn how to sew a 'boring' pillow.  She wants to explore (play) with music and  the fancy stitches and 'create'.  I do get a little antsy that I cannot just hide and sew but on the other hand I love to see them take an interest in sewing.

I have found that I can whip up the flannel receiving blankets while the kids are sewing.  They are easy to stop and start on, not much thinking involved.  I also cut and marked some quilt squares that I plan on using for a quilt at a future date.    My children's school is planning a Halloween Craft Bizarre and I am looking forward to setting up a booth and glad that we have the time to build up inventory.  I also have time to wait for the sales, I am on the hunt for zippers CHEAP!  I love making the wrist wallets and several friends have asked about them.  I also want to make a personal pouch for me, something like a mini-messenger bag, that would hold just my phone, drivers licence, a few bills, and my new Kindle Fire.  Yes, I got an early birthday present I was so shocked and tickled I nearly fell out of my chair.  Especially after the weekend we had had.

By Sunday it was the weekend that pours.  You know, 'When it rains it Pours'?  It started with the A/C fan motor go out on one of our 2 units, the cable snapped on our garage door trapping me at home for 2 days (did not mind at all) my cell finally bit the dust and had to be replaced, my daughters ceiling fan was shooting sparks and had to be replaced....there were a few more minor things but they were lost in the drama.  The upside are all healthy and together.

I also took on (took over) making vests for my daughter's G.A. Mission Group.  The leader had bought the fabric (???) and piping (???) but no binding.  My machine really hated the fabric till I got about four layers in, it just slipped and slid all over the place.  It must be some kind of polyester.  I have the first one done except for finishing the sleeves.  I am going to go find some binding, or make my own.  I had to make the vest two-ply and used the piping in the outer seam.  It is a good fit, now I just have to find out how many I need to make.  It was fairly easy, I had to wing it without the instructions since the fabric was too flimsy lightweight for the pattern.

  In the end, looks good and has a much more finished look.

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