sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

Time? Gone?

Amazing how fast the time goes.  I am having a hard time getting any sewing done.  Between the kids home for the Summer and them invading my sewing room, not to mention all the activities with music and the kids demand to keep them from driving me insane.

In October my kiddo's elementary school is hosting booths for crafters to hawk their wares.  I am working on getting a little stash made up to support my own booth.

My working list at the moment:

Wrist Wallets for kids (maybe a few for moms)
Flannel receiving blankets (w/2.5 binding)
AIO cloth diapers
Diaper covers
Wet bags
Cosmetic or assorted small bags
Bound burp cloths/changing table covers
Baby sized quilt

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